February 17, 2012
"The album has a similar atmosphere of edgy languor and enervated disquiet to xx (“poliça” means “urgent action”, or thereabouts, in Polish), which Leanagh admits is the corollary of the songs being about the usual love carnage (she recently got divorced), plus attendant feelings of puzzlement and existential despair. She explained: “The recurring theme of this record is, ‘What in the hell just happened?’, and ‘who in the hell am I anyways?’” As for Olson, the project’s mastermind, he’s saying nothing: the dishevelled majordomo and lugubrious Twin Cities scenester only agreed to talk about the project with a local radio journalist if he wasn’t photographed, and if he could digitally disguise his voice."

New band of the day – No 1,210: Poliça | Music | guardian.co.uk

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